Review: Ecobee3 Wi-fi Thermostat

o you want to get the right temperature for all your rooms? Are you fed up with ordinary thermostats always letting you down? Ecobee3 thermostat with remote sensors delivers the right temperature in the rooms that matter most. Do not panic and read the review to find out all the pros, installation and performance. Want it? Keep calm and go on reading.

Installation Process

The Ecobee3 gets its power from your HVAC system’s Common wire which is more reliable method than its competitors’, which draw power from the wires used to control the heater and air conditioner.

For those who don’t have a C-wire running from their furnace to their thermostat, Ecobee3 includes a Power Extender Kit that connects to your heater.

After Setup

Once Ecobee is installed, the rest of the setup procedure includes telling the Ecobee3 the heating or cooling system you have, entering your Wi-Fi password, and getting your location. In general it takes about 5 minutes, and very easy for anyone who can just switch on the TV set.

The Ecobee3 is one of the first smart-home devices compatible with Apple’s HomeKit, which allows you to control the thermostat from your iPhone or iPad using Siri.

After installation, use Siri to change the temperature in your home, whether you’re there or not. You can also ask Siri what the current temperature is inside your home.


Are you using smartphone? If yes, then the interface will completely look familiar with you.  The layout is the same as that if smartphone and will be very easy for you to use.
In its passive state, the Ecobee3 displays the current temperature inside your home in large numbers and an icon which shows the local weather conditions.


when we tested all the features of Thermostats, we were really amazed at the simpliness and responsiveness of the interface. It performed very well, responding instantly to all the inputs, whether they were on the base unit or from the smartphone.
When activating “Follow Me”, Ecobee3 turns on the system based on the average temperature from selected sensors. If your house is in cold, this is the setting you’ll want to use. This way, you are not paying to heat a room you’re not actually using.

Smart Home/Away setting is another smart features the thermostats involves. When it is active, the Ecobee will prevail the “Away” setting if it detects someone is at home.

What’s the Verdict?

With all these smart and useful features, easy installation and user-interface, Ecobee3 Smart thermostat has a lot to offer, even more you could imagine.

Paying only $249 you get a handy product capable of displaying the right temperature for your home and saving your energy. The Ecobee3 is now well worth your consideration. Remote sensor, the Power Extender Kit and a quick performance are worth more than the price it has. Want something more? Ecobee3 is on top list of its competitors offering all the advantages to its customers. Get it, make your and get the real satisfaction of smart home automation.